PINC is a new type of home network security for the IoT age.

What is PINC?

PINC is a totally different kind of home Internet router, designed from the ground-up for the Age of the Internet of Things. PINC protects both you and the Internet at large from IoT-related troubles while maintaining the functionality you know and love through the use of three unique levels of technology:


Unlike conventional home networking that assumes that you only need protection from outside, PINC protects all your devices from each other, putting each device in a sandbox. This means that viruses and other malware will have a difficult time infecting your network, even if an infected device is already inside!

Baselines and Reporting

PINC knows what devices are on your network and how they're supposed to behave. When a device misbehaves, PINC will let you know so you can fix it, restrict its access further, or completely disable it. With PINC, you always know what's on your WiFi and what it's up to.

Good Neighbor

Thanks to the Good Neighbor Protocol, your PINC router plays nice with others. When your favorite websites are having trouble, PINC will automatically give them a breather so they don't crash.

The IoT Home Inspector Challenge

(Winner: Honorable Mention)

PINC was designed as an entry for the FTC IoT Home Inspector Challenge. Check out the abstract and video presentation for our entry below:

PINC Abstract
Update!!! PINC won Honorable Mention. Check out the FTC Press Release.

Where's the Code?

PINC Level 1 (the Containment Engine) will be opensourced on GitHub in August. Watch this space for updates.